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Prof. dr. J.A.G. Groenendijk, 1949 - Add to bookbag

Professor, Doctor

NameJ.A.G. Groenendijk
Full nameJeroen Antonius Gerardus
First nameJeroen
BornJuly 20, 1949, Amsterdam, Nederland
Titlesprof. dr.  Titles of address, academic titles, titles of the nobility, ecclesiastical titles, both modern and historical [more].
Degreedoctoraat wijsbegeerte  The highest degree obtained, generally a doctoral degree or PhD. Abbreviated the degrees also appear in the title [more].
 With distinction
 November 23, 1984
Exam levelpromotie
Institution (education)Centrale Interfaculteit
Universiteit van Amsterdam
ThesisStudies on the semantics of questions and the pragmatics of answers [UvA-catalogue]
Key wordpragmatics
semantics: general
Supervisor(s)prof.dr. R.I. Bartsch, Universiteit van Amsterdam
prof.dr. J.F.A.K. van Benthem, Universiteit van Amsterdam
Additional informationDoctoraalexamen Wijsbegeerte - UvA, 20-09-1974
Gewoon hoogleraar Taalfilosofie, May 14, 1998
Appointmentgewoon hoogleraar  Positions recognised by law, both modern and historical, such as (full) professor, named professor and lector. Also indicated are special chairs or positions, such as personal professor and university professor [more].
Date of appointmentMay 14, 1998
As ofSeptember 1, 1998
Institution (position)Universiteit van Amsterdam  The Universiteit van Amsterdam (1877 to present) and its predecessor, the Athenaeum Illustre (1632-1877). Besides these, some of the relevant Amsterdam institutions of higher education, such as the various ecclesiastical institutions and the Collegium Chirurgicum and the Klinische School for medical education [more].
Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen; Afdeling Wijsbegeerte; Leerstoelgroep Taalfilosofie  Faculties and departments. Since 1848 each professor at the Athenaeum Illustre and the Universiteit van Amsterdam is part of a faculty. Names and content of the faculties are highly subject to changes [more].
Disciplinephilosophy: general
philosophy of language